Principal's Notes

At Aspen Creek Middle School, safety is our top priority.  Please work with us to follow our drop off and pick-up procedures and also join us in communicating these expectations to your children.

Parent Drop off is on the South side of ACMS.  Parents should line up in the drop off line, next to the school.  Creating your own drop off line in the parking lot or along Summit Drive is unsafe.  The line moves quickly, so please be patient.  Drop off begins at 7:45 AM. The line generally moves most quickly prior to 8:00AM.  We all have places to be and NONE of us are too busy to take the safety of our students seriously and make safety our top priority.  

Students who ride the buses should exit the NORTH or back doors.  It is never SAFE to drive around a school bus that is stopped for loading and unloading children.  Be observant of the STOP signs on buses and of children around bus stops.  


January has arrived with a full winter weather feel.  The kids are back to school and our halls are buzzing with excited, friendly chatter.  We love the energy as the students and teachers interact.

Our “LOST AND FOUND” is FULL, FULL, FULL!!  If your middle school student seems to be missing items, send him or her into the office to take a look.  We may have what your student is missing.

Girls Basketball sign up is currently in progress for girls in grades 7 and 8.  Wrestling sign-up will be taking place during the month of January for boys in grades 7 and 8.

Student Led Parent- Teacher Conferences will take place on Feb. 7th and 12th.  You will receive an email prompting you to select an appointment time with your student’s team of teachers.  Report Cards from Semester 1 are accessible under parent-student records. We are anxious to begin a second semester of learning opportunities.

We are thankful on a daily basis to work with kids and parents at ACMS.  Thanks for being a valued part of your student’s educational team!!