Principal's Notes

May is here!!  We are so thankful for your ongoing support.  Learning doesn’t stop in May!! We do all we can to keep our students engaged in new content as we finish the year.  

Our last day of school will be Friday, May 24, 2019.  Our students will be dismissed at 11:10AM. School lunch will not be served.

Students will go through a check out process beginning on Wednesday, May 22, 2019.  Check out is based on academic work completion, all text books and library books returned to ACMS, locker clean out and a positive lunch balance.  It is a good idea for students to bring an extra bag to tote home all of the sweatshirts and such that need to leave lockers here and make it to washing machines at home.  

If your student will be absent in the coming weeks, please make sure you report the absence to the office.  For all planned absences; vacation, family events, medical appointments and sporting events for example, the absence should be reported to the office and students should make up their work prior to the absence.  For absences due to illness, students may make up work upon return to school. Checking with a friend as to what was missed and what is due is always a good way for students to stay connected when they are absent.

Student safety is our top priority:  Our parent drop off loop is on the South side of the building.  Please follow these general guidelines to insure the safety of all students.

* Enter the drop off loop from 183rd Street.  The parent drop off is one way before and after school.  Do not enter the front of the school off of Summit Drive, use 183rd street. Take the 2nd left turn to enter the drop off loop rather than taking the first left into the parking lot.

* Pull forward as traffic allows, but no further forward than the flag pole and do not block the cross walk.

* Be aware of school vans dropping off and picking up students in the handicap loading area that sits just South of the crosswalk.  Please give the drivers and staff members plenty of space to safely load and unload students.

When attending school events parking is available on the North, South and East sides of the building and doors are open on all sides for building or gym access.

January has arrived with a full winter weather feel.  The kids are back to school and our halls are buzzing with excited, friendly chatter.  We love the energy as the students and teachers interact.

Our “LOST AND FOUND” is FULL, FULL, FULL!!  If your middle school student seems to be missing items, send him or her into the office to take a look.  We may have what your student is missing.

Girls Basketball sign up is currently in progress for girls in grades 7 and 8.  Wrestling sign-up will be taking place during the month of January for boys in grades 7 and 8.

Student Led Parent- Teacher Conferences will take place on Feb. 7th and 12th.  You will receive an email prompting you to select an appointment time with your student’s team of teachers.  Report Cards from Semester 1 are accessible under parent-student records. We are anxious to begin a second semester of learning opportunities.

We are thankful on a daily basis to work with kids and parents at ACMS.  Thanks for being a valued part of your student’s educational team!!