From the Nurse

Our Commitment to the Student’s at Aspen Creek Middle School 


Acute and Emergency Care:  Injury or illness emergencies can happen at any time including during the school day. Often the school nurse may be the only health professional in the building who is formally trained to respond to a medical crisis. 


Care Coordination:  Care coordination in schools involves school nurses organizing the care of students by sharing information and maintaining communication among those concerned with the needs and care of students with chronic health conditions (e.g., asthma, diabetes, epilepsy). 



Chronic Disease Management:  Children and adolescents in the United States spend many hours in school; therefore, those students who have chronic health conditionsmight have daily challenges with managing their condition.  Research shows that some students with chronic health conditions may miss school more often than others. Eventually this may have an impact on academic performance.  The School Nurse can help students stay at school, safely and ready to learn. 


Family Engagement:  School health services can engage families of all students so that they are aware of services available at school and how they can benefit their children. This becomes a critical connection and a way to develop relationships that can promote ongoing communication between the school, the family, and health care providers to follow the health care plan for that student.

Some Examples of benefits to family engagement in school health services are:

  • Health status updates.
  • Timely distribution of medication.
  • Testing during the school day as needed (e.g. blood sugar levels for diabetic students).
  • Dietary and physical considerations.


The above School Health Services guidelines are part of the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, for Healthy Schools. 

As your School Nurse I am happy to meet and/or talk with you about your student’s health at any time!   

Lori Kanne RN, BSN, CPN, Aspen Creek Middle School Nurse