From the Nurse

January 2019

Happy New Year!  As we welcome in 2019 it appears that an unwanted guest has arrived by the name of InfluenzaData from the Center for Disease Control indicates that Nebraska is experiencing wide spread Influenza infection. The following information comes directly from the CDC and can be found on their website,

What happens in the body when someone has flu?

Influenza viruses usually infect the respiratory tract (i.e., the airways of the nose, throat and lungs). As the infection progresses, the body’s immune system responds to fight the virus. This results in inflammation that can trigger respiratory symptoms such as cough and sore throat. The immune system response can also trigger fever and cause muscle or body aches. When infected persons cough, sneeze, or talk, they can spread influenza viruses in respiratory droplets to people who are nearby. People might also get flu by touching a contaminated surface or object that has flu virus on it and then touching their own mouth or nose.

Most people who become sick will recover in a few days to less than two weeks, but some people may become more severely ill. Following flu infection, moderate complications such as secondary ear and sinus infections can occur. Pneumonia is a serious flu complication that can result from either influenza virus infection alone or from co-infection of flu virus and bacteria. Other possible serious complications triggered by flu can include inflammation of the heart (myocarditis), brain (encephalitis) or muscle (myositis, rhabdomyolysis) tissues, and multi-organ failure (for example, respiratory and kidney failure). Severe complications can happen to anyone, but may be more likely to happen to people who have certain chronic medical conditions, or in elderly persons.

Please talk with your children about proper handwashing.  Though hand sanitizer is helpful, washing with soap and water is the BEST prevention! I encourage you to visit the CDC website for further information.  If you have questions about this information or any other health related concerns, please contact me at the school or by email and I would be happy to help!


Lori Kanne RN, BSN, CPN

Aspen Creek Middle School Nurse

ph. 402-332-3866