From the Nurse


August 2020
From the Nurse:
I am so excited to be updating my notes with kids still at school after a few
weeks! I can’t see their smiling faces due to the masks as they come through
the halls, but I can hear their happiness in their conversations and laughter
with friends!

I do know, that it is still hard! Worries abound! “Does the student next to me
in class who coughed a couple times have COVID-19?” “Someone at my
lunch table has been gone a few days, but were here earlier this week. Have I
been exposed?” When they voice these concerns, remember to remain calm
and reassuring. Our children will react to both what we say and how we say it.
Remind them that we want to keep our schools open and are protecting them
to the best of our ability. If there was a concern for their safety, we would let
our parents and them know. We all have to be the role models for our kids.
Children are intensely watching our actions even more than our words. If
they do ask you, provide information that is honest, accurate, and age

If you have a concern about your child’s health, please call or email me at
school. I am here every day. If your child has a concern, encourage them to
come see me or one of the counselors to talk about it!

Take good care, be well, we are in this together!

Lori Kanne RN, BSN, CPN
Aspen Creek Middle School Nurse
18414 Summit Dr. Omaha, NE 68136
Ph# 402-332-3866  Fax# 402-408-2537
#BeKind -  “In a world where you can be anything BeKind”