From the Nurse


10 Steps to Your Healthiest School Year Ever!

1.       Start off strong with a healthy breakfast.  A good breakfast provides energy and will help keep you alert and attentive in class.  Highly sugared foods leave you feeling tired soon after eating.

Remember:  Your school performance is directly related to what you eat!


2.       Drink plenty of water.  Water is the best fluid to stay hydrated without the added sugar found in some juice, sports drinks and soft drinks.   If your child plays a sport, they need extra water throughout the day to prevent dehydration especially when it is hot. 

3.       Don’t forget to wash your hands often.  Keep hands away from your face, mouth, and nose where germs can enter your body.


4.       Boost your immune system.  Get plenty of sleep and eat colorful fruits and vegetables every day.  Think variety and rainbow colors!


5.       Eat a nutritious and yummy lunch.  Choose foods from all the food groups.  Different food groups supply our bodies with energy to think, move, and grow.  Make healthy choices from the daily menus, or pack a healthy lunch from home.


6.       Cut back on sugar and salty snacks.  Limit sodas, sport drinks, candy, chips, and ice cream – they add on extra calories, can harm your teeth, and leave you feeling tired and weak.  


7.       Enhance your brain performance.  Exercise, play memory games, do crossword puzzles, and eat brain foods like berries, cold water fish, and nuts.  Just say “NO” to fast food and enjoy a home cooked meal together at least four nights a week.


8.       Get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.   Go for a daily walk with a friend, a parent, or your pet.  Exercise helps our bodies to be strong, flexible, and resilient.


9.       Do your homework every day after school.  It’s so important to be prepared!

10.   Turn off the TV and video games at least one hour prior to bedtime. Take time to relax, take a bath or shower, brush your teeth, and pack up for the morning and still get to bed for a good night of rest.


Lori Kanne RN, BSN, CPN
Aspen Creek Middle School Nurse