Principal's Notes

October is upon us and the lunch conversations at ACMS revolve around trips to the pumpkin patch, and fall club meetings and sporting events.  Our students have settled into routines and the mid-quarter grades are posted for parents to review. Our first round of Parent Teacher Conferences are on October 24 and October 29 from 4:00- 7:30.  An email will be sent so parents are able to sign up for conference times that best meet their schedules. We look forward to visiting with you about your child’s/children’s successes.

Students at Aspen Creek Middle School work hard to embody the #bekind initiative. Already this year students have been spotted picking up trash outside during their lunch period, helping their peers organize school supplies, and sharing class materials with a student in need. Continuing to recognize and praise these kind moments will help to prevent rude, mean, or bullying behavior. October is national bullying prevention month, and there are some important definitions to note when considering student behavior. The PACER center defines bullying as a behavior that intentionally hurts, harms, or humiliates someone. Typically, to be considered bullying, the behavior is repeated over time and there is an imbalance of power involved (“How is Bullying Defined?” 2019). This is different from behavior that is rude (unintentionally hurting someone else) or behavior that is mean (purposely hurting someone else once or maybe twice). As always, students should feel comfortable talking to parents, teachers, or other trusted adults if they feel they have witnessed or been a victim of bullying.

“How Is Bullying Defined?” Questions Answered - National Bullying Prevention Center, 2019,

All students are welcome to join clubs at ACMS.  We have Photography, Writing, Art, Chess, Kindness, Makerspace and Book Clubs at ACMS.  Meeting times are under the activities calendar on the website and the meeting times and dates are on our digital signage in the building. 


Lunch accounts are set up as family accounts and deposits may be made at any school or on-line at the link below.  This link will also give you access to your lunch account balance, as well as other student purchase. When your family lunch account is below $10 you will receive a notification via phone and/or email.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM/ JUNK MAIL IF YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING THESE NOTIFICATIONS. If you have questions please contact your child’s school or Sharon Kerr at the administration building (402-332-3265).

January has arrived with a full winter weather feel.  The kids are back to school and our halls are buzzing with excited, friendly chatter.  We love the energy as the students and teachers interact.

Our “LOST AND FOUND” is FULL, FULL, FULL!!  If your middle school student seems to be missing items, send him or her into the office to take a look.  We may have what your student is missing.

Girls Basketball sign up is currently in progress for girls in grades 7 and 8.  Wrestling sign-up will be taking place during the month of January for boys in grades 7 and 8.

Student Led Parent- Teacher Conferences will take place on Feb. 7th and 12th.  You will receive an email prompting you to select an appointment time with your student’s team of teachers.  Report Cards from Semester 1 are accessible under parent-student records. We are anxious to begin a second semester of learning opportunities.

We are thankful on a daily basis to work with kids and parents at ACMS.  Thanks for being a valued part of your student’s educational team!!