Makerspace Club is focused on problem solving, creativity, and technology.  We use a variety of manipulative and tech devices to create and have fun!  All are welcome and there is no experience required.  Some of our first semester activities will include, but are not limited to: Coding, Breakout Boxes, Microbits, Bloxels, Cardboard Challenges, Green Screen videos and more!

Markerspace Meeting Dates: 

   Tuesday Aug. 30th  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday Sep. 13th  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday Sep. 27th  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday Oct. 4th  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday Oct. 18. 3:20-4:20
   Tuesday Nov. 1st  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday Nov 15th  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday Dec 13th  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday Jan. 24th  3:20 to 4:20 
   Tuesday Feb 7th  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday Feb 21st  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday Mar 21st  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday Apr 18th  3:20 to 4:20
   Tuesday May 9th  3:20 to 4:20