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NEXT PTO Meeting
Wednesday January 31st 6:00 pm
ACMS conference room

GPS Community Report-

Each year, the Gretna Public Schools produces a community report that includes informative data compiled for all families and patrons of Gretna.  The report provides a “snapshot” of our school system and highlights from the school year.  

The report for the 2016/2017 school year can now be found under ‘District Office' on our website:  www.gpsne.org

This annual report is produced by the Superintendent’s Office of the Gretna Public Schools.  Comments and questions concerning this report should be directed to the Superintendent’s Office.  

If you would like a hard copy of the report, please contact Gretna Public Schools administration office at 402-332-3265.

                 YB sales               

ACMS 2017-2018 Yearbooks are now on sale for $25! 

Please go to www.jostens.com to order your child's yearbook.

Personal ads are also on sale now. To order a personal ad for your child, please email the following information to gmontemarano@gpsne.org:

Parent name(s)

Phone #

Size of ad: 1/8 page ($30), 1/4. page ($50), 1/2 page ($75), full page ($120)

The message to be written in the ad

Photo(s) you want to be included in the ad (jpeg images)

Please send payment for personal ads to Ms. Gabriella Montemarano at Aspen Creek Middle School. Personal ads will be kept a secret from your child until he/she opens the yearbook in the Fall.  

Please call 402-332-3866 or email gmontemarano@gpsne.org or llindburg@gpsne.org if you have any questions.       




HAL Offerings in January:

6th Grade--Math students will be creating mini space launchers and continuing with coding for Microbits into February. 

                   General Challenge students will be utilizing the App, FlipGrid, to provoke discussion and video-making skills.

7th Grade--Enigma Unit--Imitation Game at Film Streams, followed up with Microbit Coding Seminar in February

                  --Book Scavenger--Students will be devising codes for GMS students to break once they hide their books around Gretna

8th Grade--Operation Monsterrat--Live Simulation on Emergency Services. Students will work with teams to evacuate and save civilians during times of volcanoes and hurricanes.

               --Music Theory Seminar--Students will research famous musicians and will have the chance to write their own music.



February 6th- 2nd Trimester Concert @ 7:00pm

February 9th- Show Choir at Elkhorn South @ 4:30pm

February 16th- Midland University Festival of the Arts performance time TBD

March 9th- Show Choir at Millard North @ 5:55pm

May 3rd- 3rd Trimester Concert @7:00


Parents: Thank you for all of your hard work and support for your kids!

More information about the ACMS vocal music program can be found at:



Quiz Bowl
February 1st - Grades 6th, 7th & 8th 
Gretna Inviational 

February 28th - Grades 7th & 8th 
Mad Hatter

March 1st - 6th grade
Mad Hatter

 Hall Pas graphic

If your student needs to leave school during the day for an appointment, please be sure to call ahead (402-332-3866) so the office can issue him/her a pass first thing in the morning. Issuing passes ahead of time helps to eliminate interruptions the classroom with calls to retrieve students at the last minute. Thank you for your help. Parents do not need to enter the building. Students may sign out independently, watch for parents to arrive, and then exit the south doors.

Please Ring Bell


All visitors will have to be buzzed in during school hours, at the south entrance. Building doors will be locked each day at 8:10 a.m.
To enter ACMS, visitors will have to identify themselves at a video intercom system and a secretary or other designated staff member will have to grant them access. Once inside, all visitors will still have to check in/out with the front office and wear a visitor badge while in the building.

Update your records

If any of your family information changes during the school year, please log in to your Parent-Student records and update your child’s Student Verification page.  If you have questions, please call the office: (402) 332-3866.

 School Bus graphic

All bus riders will be required to SCAN a Z-pass card to ride the bus. Z-pass cards allow us to keep track of where and when students are picked up or dropped off. If the Z-card pass is ever damaged or lost, there is a $20 Z-pass card replacement fee. 
 We have lanyards and plastic cases available in the office if your child needs them.All students who ride the bus will be dropped off and picked up on the North (back) side of the building.